The Science Behind MaleGenix

MaleGenix is the premier male enhancement supplement globally which is thanks due to its B.A.S.E. technology. This formula allows MaleGenix to operate as a comprehensive male enhancement solution which provides its users with a multitude of benefits over an extended period of time. The synergistic properties of this breakthrough formula allow the user to experience the maximum results possible and to enjoy these benefits consistently for the long term.

How Does MaleGenix Work?

MaleGenix is so effective because it can provide the user with both an immediate improvement in sexual performance, while expanding the growth of penile tissue over time allowing the user to benefit from permanent penis enlargement. This all has to do with its erectogenic ingredients which greatly accelerate the body's biologically inclined growth of these tissues.

MaleGenix first does so by providing the user with fast-acting vasodilators and aphrodisiacs which redirect blood flow to the penis. The increased volume of blood allows the user to experience larger and harder erections just an hour after taking the product. These ingredients also circulate around the body which increases the availability of free testosterone to these sexual organs greatly increasing libido while substantially improving energy levels.

The increased availability of nutrients to the penile tissues thanks to this improved blood circulation allows for the ideal penis growing conditions to occur. These aphrodisiacs and vasodilators continue to circulate throughout the body for 24 hours a day, due to their delayed-released ingredients.

MaleGenix is able to continue to provide the user with consistent long term benefits due to its hormonal stabilizing ingredients, which allow the body greater control over their regulation. An imbalance in hormones is a major problem among men, and one that can cause a huge decrease in libido, enenrgy levels, semen volume and other issues related to sex.

When taken on a consistent basis this allows the user to benefit from the long term effects of MaleGenix which causes permanent growth of the penile tissue. This should be first noticeable 3-4 weeks after beginning use.

What Can You Expect From MaleGenix?

1. Increased Length and Girth

The increased availability of nutrients to the penile tissues sets the stage for permanent penis growth, a process which begins just 3 weeks after beginning use.

2. Bigger and Harder Erections

MaleGenix uses PDE-5 inhibitors along with vasodilators, which open up and increase the surface area of our blood vessels. This opens up channels which allow for a greater volume of blood to flow into the cavernous chambers of the penis, allowing the user to benefit from not only larger erections, but ones which can be sustained longer as well.

3. More Frequent Sex

After achieving an orgasm, there is a period of time where the user doesn't experience the urge to have sex again, otherwise known as the refractory period. MaleGenix helps to reduce this refractory period allowing the user to have sex more frequently, and to experience more intense orgasms.

4. Increased Sexual Performance

With a larger penis, an improvement in libido, greater energy levels, and the ability to last longer in bed,MaleGenix users have all the tools they need. This allows the user to work to their best ability, enhancing both their sexual experience, and that of their partner. No other male enhancement supplement can even come close to MaleGenix's ability to enhance a man's sex life.

Only Buy the Real Deal

It is important to know that MaleGenix will only be effective as advertised when the user is consuming an authentic product, and not a knockoff. A tremendous amount of time and energy was invested in the process of formulating MaleGenix, and is why the product is able to work so well. This is not the case with other supplements, as you do not even know where they are being manufactured. The makers of MaleGenix cannot guarantee that these fake pills will work and also have strong reason to believe that they can be harmful as well.

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