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Number 1 Penis Growth Pill Proven To Work

Does MaleGenix work? Let the independent labs and satisfied MaleGenix customers tell you everything you need to know about MaleGenix! No less than 15 independent labs have tested MaleGenix to be effective as a penis enlargement pill, aphrodisiac, and stamina booster. Dozens of satisfied MaleGenix customers also took their opinion online by writing reviews about MaleGenix. Don’t get left behind and experience MaleGenix for yourself!

Number 1 Penis Growth Pill Proven To Work

MaleGenix only uses all-natural ingredients to help reduce the risk of side effects. Unlike the majority of male enhancement supplements, MaleGenix is free from dangerous ingredients and chemicals. Try MaleGenix today and experience the difference!

Number 1 Penis Growth Pill Proven To Work

MaleGenix uses a combination of the APEX formula and BASE technology to deliver REAL penis enlargement results! The Apex formula guarantees the speed of delivery while the BASE technology ensures that the ingredients’ effectiveness is intensified and prolonged to cut the waiting time in half. With the unbeatable combination of APEX and BASE, you can be sure to get your results within 90 days or less!

Does MaleGenix Work?

MaleGenix is the cream of the crop when it comes to male enhancement pills, which is due largely to its breakthrough B.A.S.E. formula-which stands for Biologically Accelerated Sustained Expansion. This revolutionary pill allows the potent ingredients found within MaleGenix to best synergize with the user's body, allowing for the best results possible. This comprehensive formula provides a man with all the ingredients he needs to perform at his sexual peak greatly enhancing his sex life.

Make sure to best ensure your health by only purchasing MaleGenix from their official website. The only place where you are guaranteed to get an authentic product is at, any other sources are selling counterfeits. There have been reports of fake MaleGenix product being sold on 3rd party websites and by imposters on Amazon. These are not legitimate vendors of MaleGenix, and if you buy product from these companies you potentially are getting a low quality rip off that isn't going to be effective as the real thing. Many of these companies use ingredients which are tainted with a wide variety of contaminants which can severely damage your health.

How Can You Determine Real MaleGenix from Imposters?

Counterfeiters are always employing new techniques which can easily fool even the most vigilant customers, and it can be almost impossible to determine the real thing from a fake with just the naked eye. This gives counterfeiters the opportunity to fill these fake pills with virtually any filler ingredients they want, and the cheaper the ingredient, the more profit they make.

These cheap fillers are typically sourced from areas that don't have strict regulations in their agricultural practices, and thus can be grown in substandard, even contaminated soils in some cases. This is what leads to these fake products being less effective than the real thing, and even potentially seriously harmful to our health.

The tell-tale sign that a product is a fake is if it is sold by another company on another website other than The makers of MaleGenix have no current contracts with any outside vendors to distribute this product, so naturally products sold outside of their official website cannot be guaranteed as genuine products. Many of these products are sold at a higher price than on the official website anyway, another reason among many to avoid buying this product from 3rd party websites altogether.

MaleGenix Uses 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients

MaleGenix provides both tremendous results and in the safest manner due to the fact that it only contains natural ingredients. The high quality and extreme potency of this breakthrough formula is only guaranteed through MaleGenix's official website.

MaleGenix is able to surpass the ability of all competitors in the male enhancement pill market due to its radical B.A.S.E. formula which not only provide the user with the right ingredients, but to also amplify their effects exponentially.

Official MaleGenix is 100% Safe

Unlike the real thing, counterfeiters use fake ingredients to dilute the potency of their product. Every day these companies are being shut down by Amazon and other sites through which they sell their fake product.

Banned Ingredients and Health Issues

These fake products can also contain synthetic additives which may contain erectogenic compounds, but do so at a severe cost. Many of these ingredients such as Tadalafil, Sildenafil and Vardenafil are banned for use in natural male enhancement supplements, as they are created artificially and can cause various health problems such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Unsafe drops in blood pressure(hypotension)
  • Headaches
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Abnormal Ejaculation
  • Dizziness

Ordering is Fast and Easy

Ordering from MaleGenix's official site only requires that the user fill out a simple form containing their shipping and billing details, the entire process taking less than 5 minutes. This process ensures that the customer gets their product as soon as possible.

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If you're reading this at the point where you've already made your purchase from Amazon, don't worry as it isn't too late to get a refund on your payment. Amazon has a 30 day money back policy which should apply in most cases.

How To Get Refund From Amazon For Counterfeit MaleGenix

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